Bible Studies by Stan Harris

These are recordings of a series of weekly Bible study sessions run by Mr Stanley Harris, starting around January 2001. The purpose of these sessions was to make a detailed study of the entire Bible, over a period of about nine years. These sessions were not studio recordings but live study sessions, primarily for the benefit of the attendees. The recordings were thus a secondary objective, made in normal domestic environments. Where possible, interruptions and other extraneous noises have been edited out, but these are, inevitably, some background noises and interruptions that follow from recordings made in such circumstances.

These recordings are the property of Mr Stanley Llewelyn Harris, who owns the copyright to them. We are releasing them under a Creative Commons licence which allows you to listen to them and to download or copy them for personal or group Bible study. If you have any questions, or wish to use these recordings for any other purpose, please contact us at

The length of these recordings varies from about 1 hour to about 1˝ hours. In addition, there is an introductory talk "Why I believe what I believe", which includes some important background material. This was given at a church service in Berwick, Victoria, in May 2006.

Downloads are available in MP3 or ogg format. Where your equipment is able to handle ogg format files, we suggest you use this format, as the files are smaller and it achieves better sound quality than MP3. Information about the ogg file format may be found here. A good (free) ogg format player for Windows® PC's is available from Quinnware here. Most Linux and Mac PC's are already able to handle the ogg format.

I am presently in the process of editing these recordings and making them available for download as time and funding permit. I will make more recordings available as I am able to do so. The following recordings are presently available:

Introduction  Why I believe what I believe Recorded 14th May 2006

Special Talk recorded on 30th December 2007
The relationship between the Jew and the Christian

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Matthew 11-2, Ezekiel 8-11, Ezekiel 11-12 (March 2017)

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